Universal Healthcare

DFLA is committed to expanding access to health care. Our members take a variety of positions on how to do this. Some support a single-payer model, while others advocate for an expansion of Obamacare. Since we are not policy experts, we do not take a specific position on most health care-related legislation, but we support efforts to advance access.

As Whole Life advocates, we believe that good healthcare is a critical Whole Life issue. The United States, for its prosperity, has a disturbingly low life expectancy, with many Americans struggling to pay hospital bills or afford essential medication.

We are proud of pro-life Democrat Governor John Bel Edward’s landmark expansion of Medicaid in the state of Louisiana: the only state in the Deep South to do so.

Healthcare for pregnant women

In particular, we support efforts to provide healthcare to women and families, which can reduce the pressure associating with carrying a child to term. In a world where abortion is illegal, pre-natal, and post-natal healthcare for women is absolutely critical.

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