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Whole Life means promoting sound policies that protect all human lives at all stages. Help us in our mission to promote whole life issues.


DFLA relies heavily on volunteers to make an impact. Be heard in the Democratic Party and act on your Whole Life values.

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  • 100 faith and social justice leaders signed letter urging the DNC to reform its position on abortion. Pictured are Reverend Rondell Trevino of The Immigration Coalition, Sister Anita Lowe of Sisters of Saint Benedict, Sister Norma Pimentel of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, Pastor Jon DeBerry and former Representative, Reverend Doctor Gabriel Salguero of the National Latino Evangelical Association, and Episcopal Bishop John Stowe of Pax Christi USA.
  • A little girl leaning against her parent and holding DFLA We Believe sign that says love is stronger than hate, black lives matter, science is real, feminism is for everyone, human rights begin in the womb, no human is illegal, and pro-life for the whole life.
  • Graphic that says imagine a future where abortion is restricted, families are financially supported, adoption and foster care are funded, our justice system is humanized, systemic racism is squashed, and our government is for the people. This is a future we can build together.
  • Columns of the Supreme Court building with the caption: We survived Roe v Wade. Roe v Wade will not survive us.
  • DFLA member speaking through megaphone and holding up sign that says pro-Life for the whole life

In representing pro-life Democrats within the true "big tent" party, DFLA works across a broad spectrum of life ethics. Work with us on the expansion of human rights in all stages of life.

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